Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Character Bio

The Hero, Papa
 Sixteen-year-old Papa was believed to be orphaned in Louisiana, found at a crossroads in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Papa has exhibited supernatural abilities, which are unexplained, but has lived a carefree life and was always attuned with his surroundings. Papa like any other teen attended High School, and was of medium height with a physically strong build owing to his athletic pursuits. However, school life was more than just part-time, it consumed all his life, adopted by the school’s headmaster, Samuel Edi, many years ago. Papa was forced by his stepfather to excel at all his endeavors, and he loved athletics and gave it all his attention, and he was the best. However, his talents on the field failed to ensure him popularity, as he was still the head-masters son, and everyone despised the head. Papa was always at odds with his stepfather, never wanting to partake in the father’s occult activities, shunning it for sports and other so-called petty activities. He believes his hair is sacred, not permitting Samuel to touch it, while personally maintaining an almost round mini-afro. When Papa was adopted he had few personal belongings, and cared not for material things. He attired himself donning an unsuitable match of clothes: a long white hooded mac with schoolboy shorts and a plain T-shirt; shoes he found uncomfortable, saying the earth beneath his feet made him run faster. The only item that Papa could call his own was a pendant of an axe, which hung in a chain clasped around his neck. The axe is enchanted and it along with his many supernatural abilities (none so prominent than the gift of sight, which gives him the power to see ghosts and into the world of spirit) allowed him many adventures only a few could share with him.  
Legba, Papa’s axe and Sidekick
Papa’s axe, Legba was a mystery to him, but he was told that it was a gift bestowed to him by his real parents. Legba, although miniature in size and able to be worn around his neck, would grow to a formidable size when Papa whistled a special tune. Once enlarged Legba could communicate with Papa, able to answer any question put to him, usually after he had been fed. Legba also appeared as a very plump schoolboy wearing only shorts and a vest. Although humanoid in shape and features, one half of his body was black and the other white. Legba had a huge appetite and loved sweat things, but what he loved the most was to eat lost souls and one day he promised to eat Papa himself. Legba, when wielded could discharge incalculable levels of lightening; however, only Papa could command him and he would shrink back to his normal size when handled by any other. 

Samuel Edi-Master
Known only as, Samedi, this tall slender man commands authority in his school with his sharp features and lifeless eyes. Born, raised and taught the mysteries of voodoo in the Louisiana Bayou, Samedi is very proud of his roots, and will not tolerate any break from his tradition. As you have gathered Samedi, although Papa’s stepfather, hates him. Nevertheless, in the Samedi puts up with him wanting more than anything else to possess the axe Legba. His hypocrisy has taken a toll on Samedi, who is no longer able to constrain his hatred, overwhelming him and poisoning the other staff and pupils against Papa. His hatred has permeated far into the spirit world, thus converting innocent spirits to his dark will, pitting them against that which initiated his blind lust and now hate, Papa. Fashioned in an immaculately cut black suite with a tall top hat, Samedi carries, Dambala, a walking stick through which to wield his hidden power. As the darkness overwhelms him, Samedi acquires an uncanny ability to use malevolent powers, and along with Dambala, which also can see ghosts, he poses a dire threat to benevolent beings and people.   
Dambala, Samedi’s walking stick
Dambala was the ancestral staff of power, which was handed down from one Occult master to another. The head of the staff resembled a hooded cobra with gems for eyes that could bewitch the strongest of wills. The Fire of Dambala was the essence of the staff’s power and along with its ability to control any flame, it was also able to project fire from the cobra’s open mouth. Much like Papa’s, Legba, Dambala could talk, but could not take any other form, and always reminded Samedi of his proud and distinguished lineage, carefully caressing his fragile pride.   

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