Monday, 26 September 2011

Synopsis: Teenage Ghosthunter

A young Haitian teen called Papa, who lives in Belmont Abby after he was adopted by the Church Of England in 2010. A solitary Papa has been alienated due to the fact that he sees and talks to ghosts, ironically his new best friend just happens to be a ghost. A teen friar, called Fatso, who lived within those same walls during the time of the Tudors. He was a clumsy young friar, who died unexpectedly when a wall came crashing down on him during his prayers. Fatso and Papa were good friends and often helped each other out, especially when Fatso was tormented by more dangerous entities.  However, the Archbishop, although human, seemed to pose a greater threat to the two than any entity. The Archbishop was corrupted by his desire for power, and much like Papa could talk and converse with spirits. But unlike Papa he manipulated the ghosts to do his evil work of causing chaos. Papa knew this, but was unable to convince anybody else of this fact, so he and Fatso would hunt the rogue ghosts that the archbishop would set loose on the monastery and sentence them to the abyss with his axe of inquisition.