Tuesday, 6 December 2011

@Phil -Essay- Everybody Hates The 'Bad Guy'

Postmodernism is a philosophy which encompasses differing perceptions of reality. Applying the postmodern concept of deconstruction to the Western perception of villainy (the ‘bad’ man), the essay aims to re-evaluate this characteristic with regard to classical and popular culture. Examples used will be the Classical Greek understanding of daemons, Marvel comic villains and crime lords in Jamaica, to illustrate the misconception Western culture bestowed on these characters to perpetuate an established status quo. References will include Jacques Derrida’s opinions on Deconstruction, Greek Religion by Walter Burkert, Louise and Walter Simonson’s Marvel character Apocalypse and, The Fear Factor by Don Barker amongst others. The essay will conclude with the affirmation of Deconstruction that our traditionally given construct of society has become prevalent by those in privileged positions, the dominant establishment.