Monday, 13 December 2010

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  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Kolade,

    In all truthfulness, I'm disappointed by what's not on here at this stage. It does seem as if you're not pushing things along (though I do appreciate your life is a balancing act). That said, I'm going to find it hard to be of much use to you in response to your work, because your intentions/investigations are not in evidence. For a project , in which the realistic human form is discouraged, your most recent thumbnail is reliant on a realistic human face... Your other thumbnails struggle to communicate their intent; there's no evidence of any artist research (though this is not to presume it's not been undertaken), no influence map - basically, there is a serious lack of information available to me, in order to contribute. What I can say is that your reviews impress. But where are the others? Don't fall behind.

    I'm expecting to see some increased activity on here soon - show me where your head is at!

    Re. the written assignment for Unit 3, follow link: